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    december 8, the state general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of cadres of the general assembly held in beijing to convey and implement the spirit of the central economic work conference. wang yong, aqsiq minister to convey the spirit and speech, the deputy secretary zhi shuping, pu changcheng convey the spirit of wang wei, sun dawei, vice minister wei chuanzhong and administration of party members, ji zhengkun, zhang qin rong, chief engineer zhang gang, with a total test xiang yuzhang attended the meeting.
to convey the spirit of that end central economic work conference, wang yong, made a speech, he asked that the national quality inspection system must seriously study and deeply understand and fully implement the spirit of the central economic work conference. he pointed out that it is necessary to conscientiously study the spirit of the meeting. for the spirit of the central economic work conference, the study and the premise does not work hard, we can not thoroughly understand and fully implement the quality inspection system in accordance with the requirements of the central and general deployment, serious arrangements for learning and truly learn a good grasp. the second is to deeply understand the spirit of the meeting. extremely rich in spirit and content of the central economic work conference, system-wide on the basis of serious learning to stand in the domestic point of view, the height of the world, understand the central analysis of the situation at home and abroad, to understand a series of principles developed by the central policies and measures the validity and importance of a firm the full implementation of these principles, policies, determination and confidence. the third is to comprehensively implement the spirit of the meeting. the central economic work is a systematic project, a comprehensive system to carry out and implement, in particular, the central economic work conference on quality inspection departments, we must put in place. to stand in the overall situation of the commanding heights and a new starting point to examine and locate quality work, quality work into economic and social development, improve the quality of our products and make new contributions to a new level.

yong stressed that the whole system but also a good grasp of the completion and implementation of the turn of the year. to control the beginning of the plan and the administration's request, fully combed and inventory of the work this year, to fight from start to finish to fully accomplish. but also to do that this year summary of the work, from the emotional to the rational, objective to the subjective, have to do a serious analysis to identify the achievements and problems of work models, methods and ideas into clear what should adhere to and improve what and sublimation. on the basis of summing up, but also with the central requirements and its own characteristics, in-depth thinking and planning work for next year.

yong pointed out that the two new year's day, spring festival is approaching, the whole system must further strengthen the quality and safety control, and ahead of the deployment and take appropriate action to ensure product quality and safety of two period.

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