JiLi lifting the core is innovation. It is JiLi in more than ten years of development history of characteristic produced and gradually formed culture system. Yutian culture takes the concept enterprising as the forerunner, the strategy for the direction, the organization innovation as the guarantee, the innovation of technology innovation as the means and the market innovation as the goal, along with JiLi from scratch, from small, from big to strong, from China to the world, culture itself is in yutian innovation and development. The common recognition, active employee participation is the biggest characteristic of JiLi culture. At present, JiLi goal is to go out of the country, and the international enterprise, for motherland. The goal of the JiLi development and JiLi employees' personal value pursuit perfectly together, each JiLi employees will realize the world famous brand in yutian in the process of great goals, fully realize personal value and pursuit.

※ Later people-oriented management as the core

※ Take the good faith management as the foundation stone later

※ Later in order to learn the innovation as a driving force

※ Product that is later personality, our products to customer satisfaction, our personal character more to let customer satisfaction. Only enterprise, dealers, users of the three win-win, can we truly capture the market to grow together, create brilliance.

※ Later in the past, has made brilliant achievements: look forward to the future, a long way to go; Focus on the reality, we still need to continue to work hard.

JiLi-casting world lifting equipment brands.

※ Later JiLi depending on the quality as the life of enterprise, actively advocated the new concept of hoisting equipment, continuously introducing the leading technology and perfect safety measures to develop the customer benefit of high quality, high effect, safe product.

◇ The core idea: by relying on advanced technology, scientific management as the core.

Any enterprise have two and only two jobs, and that is: meet

The customer demand, and constant innovation.

◇ Business philosophy: honest, trustworthy, quality for this.

◇ Market view: "market only the same law is always changing ."Only off-season, no thought of the off-season market"

◇ The quality idea: high standards of fine zero defect outstanding product is good people do out

◇ Service principle: to the customer's need as a starting point to customer satisfaction as the end point.

◇ With people view: give you a no ceiling stage; BuWei degree heavy ability, BuWei qualifications heavy performance.  

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