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Open the steel industry news media you can find the recent period, the domestic iron and steel enterprises restructuring lively extraordinary: Following the Baosteel to acquire 1981 and Baotou Steel signed a strategic agreement, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group holding shares in Kunming Iron and Steel. Steel industry restructuring, accelerate the speed of energy saving week or even this month, hot news, and industry conference of the China Iron and Steel Association on the 30th, the China Iron and Steel Industry Association executive vice president Luo with this set of figures to prove the first half of the steel industry industrial concentration is further decreased. Industry concentration is low, is the soft underbelly of China's steel industry. Clearly, in the case of industrial concentration, poor, China's steel industry there are a large number of backward production capacity, and eliminate backward production capacity, consolidation and reorganization of the steel industry is the only way to achieve China's steel industry bigger and stronger. But look at the current situation in the steel industry at home and abroad, relying on the corporate power is difficult achievements in cross-regional joint reorganization. China Steel Association Deputy Secretary-General Luo said that the role of local governments in the consolidation and reorganization is not to be a small glimpse. Mainly because the current steel industry recognized "four bases" (iron and steel industrial base in northeast Anshan Iron and Steel - Benxi Iron and Steel, iron and steel base in North China Shougang - Tangshan Iron and Steel, Baosteel - Maanshan Iron and the core East China steel base and steel industrial base of the southwest Wuhan Iron and Steel - Panzhihua Iron and Steel) program, almost all cross-regional consolidation and reorganization. Which relates to the steel mills are generally for local taxpayer, so give full consideration to the interests of local government is directly related to the reorganization of the driving force. Heat can often also related to the energy saving work recently carried out in full swing, the Environment Division of the National Development and Reform Commission on the 2nd in the "core sustainable development of China and India - cooperation and exchange of energy-saving and environmental protection industry", said the Chinese government are taking specific measures to ensure the "five" the unit of gdp in the planning framework to reduce energy consumption target of 20%. At this meeting, increase the intensity of industrial structure adjustment is regarded as the primary measures, seems the Development and Reform Commission, the adjustment of industrial structure adjustment of energy structure. Enterprise producing energy increases, energy consumption will be reduced naturally present, China has more than 760 iron and steel enterprises, while the annual output of enterprises with more than 5 million tons only 21, if the other small and medium steel industry restructuring, then turned China into a world-class iron and steel power is not without possible. There are also many industry analysts have said that the domestic steel industry, mergers and acquisitions to accelerate the process of gradually contribute to the competitiveness of the Chinese iron and steel in the international steel market, the right to speak in the raw material price negotiations. Thus, the executive vice president of China Steel Industry Association Luo issued "The State shall accelerate the iron and steel enterprise consolidation and restructuring in order to improve industrial concentration, and thus more say in price negotiations," the appeal. Li Hongliang, of CITIC Securities analyst, believes that the degree of concentration of the iron and steel industry is still relatively low, but production is also falling, so the integration is an inevitable development trend. From the current situation, although the country is the world's largest steel producer, consumer and exporter of Chinese steel prices more is to follow the international steel market prices. In the international steel prices, iron ore, coal and other raw materials pricing is at a disadvantage, subordinate position. Analysts believe that the merger integration, will drive the changes in industrial structure of the domestic steel industry, with the accelerated pace of consolidation and restructuring of listed companies will benefit from the value will continue to be enhanced.

    Announced on July 31, the steel industry in the first half of the operation analysis, the National Development and Reform Commission for the first time the international positioning of the China Iron and Steel made it clear that the above: "According to China's national conditions, from the current for a long period of time, we do not conditions for the international market a large number of steel products, China is not and should not become the world's iron and steel products manufacturing base. "Development and Reform Commission also said that should strengthen the development of the steel industry to meet domestic demand-based approach to reduce the dependence of the iron and steel products on the international market. Show that the Development and Reform Commission stressed that the steel market in order to protect domestic demand as the main principle of the direct cause of China's steel exports in the international arena by the pressure of increasing anti-dumping; the root causes of iron and steel industrial raw materials becomes increasingly dependent on high and iron and steel industry due to the characteristics of high energy consumption and high pollution, has become the first object of the national macro-control policies. China's steel industry for many years to become the international steel industry, the focus of development, exports increased year by year, aroused the dissatisfaction of their foreign counterparts. Since the end of last year, the United States, European Union, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico and other countries and regions, all have been outgoing wave of anti-dumping against Chinese steel, China's steel exports face trade friction coefficient is gradually increasing. With the shut the amount of steel products in China increased to become a net exporter and international pressure for the Chinese steel increase, the positioning of the Chinese iron and steel in the international market is becoming increasingly prominent. It is understood that for exports, China's steel industry has reached a clear consensus: do not export-oriented, export volume should be controlled at around 10% of the total production and export of high value-added products.

     And then a few months a new annual iron ore negotiations to begin, for the iron and steel enterprises, from raw material price increases voices, let them a headache. According to the analysis of the agency reports, the next year the global iron ore supply and demand remains tense ore price will continue to have a certain margin uplift. Brazilian mining giant Vale (cvrd) and Rio Tinto came out, may be a further increase in iron ore prices next year 25%. All kinds of data, said China imported one of the world's biggest iron ore, steel production and exports in the world advanced level and is a steel country in the world's iron ore negotiations and international steel market, but there is no contrast corresponding right to speak. International iron ore prices and the international shipping market freight rates to a record high impact, especially in the state of its downstream steel industry, to take include requiring the elimination of backward production capacity, three adjustments on foreign trade of steel products export tax rate and more stringent regulation and control policy, the excessive growth The momentum has been effectively curbed, the growth rate of 33.3% in the previous two years, down from 14.7 percent to 8 percent in the first half of this year, the rate of decline is obvious. By the rapid development of the northern iron and steel production and port expansion and reconstruction affect the northern port of foreign trade of iron ore imports increased by more than 45%, which Qinhuangdao Port, Dalian Port and the Tangshan Hong Kong more than 80%. The southern part of the port by the adjustment of industrial structure in the hinterland of radiation limited impact, there has been stagnation or negative growth. Control over the current production still held in foreign hands, the recent cut of the three major mining companies abroad caused tension between supply and demand, pushing up spot market prices, but also to prepare for next year's negotiations. The industry believes that the tension between supply and demand is expected the second half of the iron ore will remain a continuing upward trend in raw material prices continued to rise under the influence of the sales profit rate of the steel industry chain will gradually decline.
Iron and steel industry news week in review

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