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    The number of broken wires in wire rope, corrosion (wear) the amount of deformation, using the length and fixed state shall comply with the provisions of the GB.
(1) the selection of wire rope shall comply with the requirements of the connection method should be correct.

    a rope end of the fixed plate should be ≥ 2 or wedge fixed on the rolls and other components.
when the hook and extract device in the lowest position (including pit), the number of turns of the beach wedding dresses rope on the drum, in addition to the number of laps of the fixed rope tail must be left ≥ 2 laps.

(2) The wire rope should be scrapped one of the following conditions:

    a cross around the rope in a twist from the (referring to the number of broken wires in the axial distance) of any one wire rope shares surround week up to 10% of the rope wire.
b wire rope lifting hot metal or dangerous goods, the number of scrapped off the wire to take half of the general bouncer inflatable heavy machinery, such as the phenomenon of broken wires occurred at the local, or broken wire concentration six times within the length of wire rope diameter in a shares, shall be a stipulated half line scrapped.
c rope surface layer of steel wire corrosion or wear and tear of 40% of the surface of the wire diameter.
    d wire rope diameter decreases amounted to 7%.e rope there is significant internal corrosion.
    f. rope surface wear or corrosion, there are a certain number of broken wires, the number of broken wires in the surface tension meter from the superior provisions of a and b to determine the reduction factor: when wear or corrosion rate at 10%, 15 %, 20%, 25%, 30% -40%
, The reduction factor corresponding to 85%, 75%, 70%, 60%, 50%.
    g. strand breaks or burned.
h partial outer layer of wire rope elongation was the "cage"-shaped or rope fiber core diameter is more serious.
i. rope occurrence of kinks, dead ends, hard bend, plastic deformation, the hemp core prolapse severely deformed.

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