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     major incidents of running cranes, largely because of the crane lost stability. the loss of stability is due to overload, over winch reason. in order to prevent accidents to be fitted with the following safety devices: the torque limiter, up limit position limiter, amplitude indicator, level instrument, to prevent the boom and dump device. retraction outrigger locking devices, rotary positioning device, retrogression alarm device, moving parts, shields, electrical equipment, rain cover.

     torque limiter: its function is to limit the tipping moment of the crane to prevent the crane rollover accident occurred due to over torque and by the force of the detector, the arm length and arm angle detector. when the signal from the weight of the rating and the red light display, and then stop working.

     rise in the limit position limiter: the device is to prevent the boom had to winch the device, when the boom close to the maximum angle, the limit switch is open, alert.

     amplitude indicator: equipped with a round of activities of pointers indicating dial hanging in the lifting arm, luffing instructions from the weight of the various amplitudes.

     level: this instrument is mainly about the direction of the level of degrees measured before and after the crane chassis to control the legs, so that the crane to maintain the level of state.

     device to prevent the boom backward: to ensure backward when luffing mechanism of the limit switch failure, to prevent the boom.

     leg retraction lock device: to ensure that the crane outrigger retraction, reliable lock.

     rotary positioning device: the crane is moving, so the car remains in a fixed position.

     retrogression alarm device: when the crane is traveling to the retrogression in the direction of quickly issued the alarm sound signal and the flicker white light signals.

     moving parts shield: cranes cover the exposed moving parts wounding may.

     electrical equipment covers: cover electrical equipment on the crane and prevent rain affect their performance.

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