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     Lifting equipment research and design and manufacturing specialized companies, shackles product performance characteristics unloading buttoned body adopts high-quality carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel forging and for heat treatment is made, small size and high strength. Shackle test load of 2 times the limit load, breaking load to four times the limit load. * Main purpose and scope of shackle can be used for rigging end fittings, a direct connection with the hanging objects in lifting operations. Shackle rigging end fittings can be used to only play a connecting role between. When rigging used in conjunction with the beam, the shackle can be used for rigging the top instead of rings and beams of the lower part of the ear plate connections for easy installation and removal. Shackle lifting operations using the most extensive connectivity tools, lifting is mainly used for frequent installation and removal of the joints.

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